& Scope

The analysis phase is all about setting up the project for success. Drawings and specifications are studied, and feasibility conducted through our cross-functional teams. Next, we define the scope and understand design and process challenges.


The design phase involves benchmarking, prototyping, and testing. At this phase, we test our ideas before we build them. On approval of deviations by the customer, a detailed bill of material is created, products are modeled and prototypes developed.

Prototype Production
& Testing

The prototype production phase involves chalking out a detailed activity chart, designing fixtures and setting quality metrics for the product.

The prototype testing phase involves testing the product against specifications. Products are tested to ensure compliance to customer specifications and to see how the product is performing as per technical requirements.


The production phase is the point at which our planning and design come together. In this phase, products are moved into regular production cycle.

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance phase involves testing the product against specifications and ensure that products comply to customer specifications at all times.