In 1977, Mr. Satyendra Tipnis, at the young age of 60, laid the foundation stone of the company in the name of Rohana Industries. He retired from Government Service as Joint Controller of Iron and Steel. His love for machines and working with his own hands, led to developing facilities that would be capable of manufacturing sheet metal parts and products.

Import substitution gained widespread prominence. The company soon began manufacturing silencers and mufflers for some of the global leaders in engine manufacturing.



By 1984, the company was manufacturing close to 50 different models of silencers and mufflers for engine capacities upto 2000hp. The company had the opportunity to manufacture oval engine mufflers, demanding equipment modification and custom-tailoring of processes.

The second unit at Pirangut, near Pune commenced operations in 1989. The company added ejectors to its wide range of silencers and mufflers.

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Rochi Engineers came into existence in 1994 with the commencement of operations of its third unit. The extension in capacity enabled Rochi to build special purpose and large silencers for our customers.

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Rochi's operations moved to current location. Manufacturing setup was reorganised from the point of efficiency.



Rochi built a manufacturing plant for tube bending. Machine shop was set up with enhanced machining capabilities for exhaust and piping components.Processes such as powder coating, sand blasting and phosphating were developed in-house.

Today, Rochi has a world-class capabilities and infrastructure to cater to the ever-growing demand in market for custom exhaust solutions and environment friendly energy solutions.


Product and Capabilities

We are a leading manufacturer of world-class energy solutions such as pressure vessels, storage tanks, tube assemblies and industrial silencers.


Our products are used in infrastructure, construction, mining, power generation and agriculture.