Rochi's products are not just designed, they are engineered. Product Development continues to be one of our key strengths. Developing products, using new technologies, and product improvements begins with understanding your needs and concerns. Through the use of Computer Aided Engineering, our products are engineered for strength, function, and dependability. 3-D solid modelling enables study of product characteristics. FEA allows analysis of stress and vibration under various pressure and temperature conditions.

Our unparalleled product development capabilities include the following:

  • Integrated CAD Design using Solid Edge
  • Simulation Service for CFD analysis to predict back pressure for given gas flow (through external agency)
  • In-House manufacturing of Jig Fixture & Tool Designing
  • In House programming for all CNC Machines like
    • Plasma Cutting
    • 4 Roll bending
    • Tube Bending
    • Turn mill Centre
    • VMC
  • NPI consultancy & Value Analysis with Value Engineering
  • Sound Attenuation & Spectral Analysis
  • Solutions in Exhaust Gas after treatment with SCR, DPF & DOC in collaboration with PURItech Gmbh, our JV Partners

4 Pillars of Product Development

Rochi's vast experience enables us to work on complex projects and deliver excellent quality of service. We have the highest quality standards of design, material and fabrication. We profess ability to develop parts in our 3 verticals . Our product development cycle is based on 4 pillars:

  • Quality Control
  • Verification
  • Validation and Testing
  • Prototyping

Quality Control

We ensure quality control by putting in place following checkpoints for all our products:

  • Control Plans / PFMEA / PPAP
  • Quality Plan / Pre dispatch Check sheet
  • CMM & CNC Data interface for Manufacturing & Quality Control


  • 3D Modeling (Pro Engineer)
  • Data Management and Control
  • Gas flow Analysis for Back Pressure
  • Gauges / Templates for Threads and Profiles
  • Jig Fixtures for dimensional conformation

Validation and Testing

  • Leakage / Hydro Testing
  • WPS / PQR Validation as per ASME section IX , AWS D1.1 , ISO3834
  • Qualification of welders for GMAW / GTAW
  • Salt Water / Scratch Test for Paint
  • Millipore Testing for Cleanliness.
  • Emission Test Lab at Waldshut Tiengen GERMANY


  • Modular Assembly for Proto Fixture
  • On Line CMM verification
  • 3D / CNC Tooling
  • DFM review
  • Quality Plan


Rochi is a specialist in fabrication of pressure vessels for compressor technique. Our pressure vessels are manufactured to ASME standards.

Rochi's easy-to-fit tubes are available for a wide range of diesel engines and pumps. Our tubes are used fo engine and machine cooling, exhaust systems, and hydraulics.

Rochi designs and manufactures custom engineered silencers in compliance with the international quality standards.